brand building, packaging design, graphic design
Brand: BeautyLove
Client: BeautyLove
Launch: 2022

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urban coolness meets pure design

packaging design
Brand: Hatice Schmidt LaBS
Launch: 2021

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Extra Care brand relaunch 2021

packaging design, graphic, design
Brand: Extra Care
Client: Henkel AG
Launch: 2021

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baries design concept work „Nox“

concept brand building, packaging design, graphic design
Brand: Nox
Concept work

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Pride Lips

concept brand, packaging design, graphic design, brand building
Client: Concept work

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Julia Lohmüller Natural Skin Care

brand building, packaging design, brand strategy
Brand: Julia Lohmüller Skin Care
Client: Julia Lohmüller
Launch: 2021

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Meet the new Gliss Kur

brand strengthening, packaging design, graphic design
Brand: Gliss Kur
Client: Henkel AG
Launch: 2020

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relaunch design, graphic design, brand strengthening
Brand: Syoss
Client: Henkel AG
Relaunch: 2020

learn more about the new Syoss Coloration! skin care

holistic brand building, packaging design, design thinking
Launch: 2020

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Churchkhela food packaging design

brand building, packaging design, graphic design
Client:Taube Nüsse
Launch: 2020

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“We are innovative and successful packaging design specialists, with a passion for optimum visual communication!


baries design GmbH is a unique owner-managed packaging design agency, based in the beautiful center of Düsseldorf. We are professional innovators, creatives and concept boosters, dedicated to the success of your brand. We guide you through each stage and every process, and thanks to 3D visualization and CGI, you enjoy the full virtual experience of your product as it develops. The baries design team creates trendsetting products, packaging and graphic designs that perfectly match your consumer’s needs. We thrive on new challenges and we have been successfully designing consumer goods since 2009 for the cosmetic, care, food and non-food industries, for leading national and international customers.
baries design – visionary brand building .

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Packaging Design

Our goal is to design a product with a stand-alone message, independent of the need for external marketing. We have been designing brand-leader consumables and consumer goods for our national and international clients since 2009, in the cosmetics industry as well as the food and non-food sectors. That’s why we can generate a great user experience, combining a high aesthetic approach with a design expertise acquired over decades. We partner your product from the first idea onwards, with comprehensive advice on naming, corporate design, product design and packaging design.

Design Strategy

We start with your idea. Then we build a holistic frame for your brand through market analysis, innovation research and target-group needs. By focussing on the essentials, we develop strategies and concepts to establish your brand dynamically and long-term. Once the concept is right, and the basis for a successful product is set, each item of design artwork is matched and reviewed with the concept to keep your brand on target at full power.

Corporate Design

Corporate design is the key to your strategic marketing and your relationship with us. It covers the aesthetics and visual expression of the values and positioning of your company and brand. Perfecting your corporate design is the key task that steers us to excellence time and time again, as we determine the highest level of recognition by communicating a consistent image crucial for your continued success.


We give your ideas shape, form and appearance – as a sketch, 2D preview, concept illustration or 3D object in virtual space. When you need a key visualization to present your product to the world, we have the know-how and expertise to help you stage your visualisations perfectly. We can create them as a mood board, photo-realistic 2D file, or as a virtual 3D object with simulated materials, textures and mood lighting. Don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities.

Our Network

You will always benefit from our experience and partnership networks, which we have developed over decades. Our core skills of concepts, design, graphics and marketing strategies have been boosted in recent years by 3D visualization, animation, product photography and online design. As we continue to explore new areas of responsibility, we are proud to have strong partnerships for prototyping, artwork, website implementation and film, to offer you a complete all-round and worry-free package – unconditionally.

Brand Building

Our work is cutting edge, professionally creative and powered by a passion for outstanding design. As experts in brand presentation and showcasing, our enthusiasm for communication radiates through everything we do, aligned with skilful aesthetic design. We infuse your products with innovative distinct branding, designed to engage.

Our Credo
brand building

passionate communication, skilful design, specialists in brand presentation and packaging.
we welcome your challenge!

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Welcome to the baries team! Meet the professionals behind the creative ideas. Each one of us is a specialist dedicated to developing exceptional, successful designs and concepts for your brand. We are your ideal partner for innovative strategies in packaging and brand design. From sketch concepts to full CGI, we offer full corporate design, starting with your brand logo all the way to POS displays. That’s what makes us the perfect one-stop creative team to meet your needs..

Joana-Maria Bauchwitz

ceo / founder

Fabian Hein

project management / back office

Helena Niedens

graphic design

Doerthe Bogart

industrial design / 3D

Nader Wintz

graphic design

Michael Müller

graphic design / 3D

Andreea Armbruster

graphic design

Yvonne Yeboah

product design

Juan Romero del Hombre Bueno

industrial design / 3D

Veronika Schleidowez

product design

Nils Woters

industrial design / 3D

Isabelle Lämmel

industrial design / 3D

Saskia Beck

accounting & project management

Anke Lysk

graphic design

Alfred Röllecke

it management


We are always keen to welcome new talent.
So if you see yourself as a creative, open-minded member of our team, go ahead and submit your portfolio to:


Rosenstraße 10, 40479 Düsseldorf +49 211 957 719 0